Development of Snap-B container for Nutraceuticals


New Science and Condensa jointly develop a revolutionary 100% hermetic, recyclable and FDA-approved aluminum packaging, unique in the market

More than a packaging supplier, Condensa has been a great development partner for us. In our premium Omega 3 line, the Snap packaging has played a fundamental role in giving our customers a modern, functional packaging that stands out against all the supplements packed in plastic or glass.

Juan Pablo Salas CEO – New Science

Main Features

New 100% recyclable and reusable container specially developed to meet the highest demands of the Nutraceutical world which has all the benefits of aluminum:

Stainless and corrosion resistant

Durable, unbreakable and resistant along with being very light

Custom 360 ° decoration

Look & High quality Feel, Increase in Sales

In addition, it has FDA and HERMETIZITY Certification thanks to its latest technology cover specially developed for this solution

Project challenges

For us, the opportunity lies in the replacement of plastic with a more noble material in a highly competitive market with products of very high value that proactively seek to improve people’s health, in addition to going in line with environmental trends and regulations that Athen today to many countries.

After months of development and studies, SNAP-B , a premium aluminum container for the Nutraceuticals and functional foods industry, is launched.

Benefits that the client obtained from the solution

As a result of the change from plastic to aluminum packaging, a change in perception was generated to a better quality product (from the container / packaging and therefore from the product that is inside the package) our client’s sales have increased as well as the perception of product quality of its end users.

Main Results

Increase in sales and perception of quality of the product that carries the container.

Marketing of a container that is in line with environmental policies.

It is a package that protects and maintains the products it contains in a better way, adding reliability to the end users

“We are very excited about the launch of this new packaging.

We see great potential, especially for the moment of change that is happening in the packaging industry, regarding plastic. “

Matias Levit General Manager – Condensa.